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Your Work From Home Starter Pack
Online Course

Staying Productive & Motivated
When Working-from-Home

Imagine your results if you knew how to stay motivated and productive when working from home.

By adopting these simple self-help strategies, you will be able to keep up the energy and momentum needed for ongoing success.

You will also discover the real benefits and pitfalls of working from home.

With the right support, working from home can be an exciting, rewarding and even life changing shift in the way you make your living.


Here’s what you’ll get …

The Work From Home

The 33 page Work From Home Guide teaches you about all things “working from home”. It shares the benefits as well as the pitfalls.

The bulk of the guide are tips and tricks on setting up the right atmosphere, and maximising your productivity while home.

The course explores the advantages and challenges of working from home, covering the creation of a conducive work-from-home environment and enhancing productivity through effective organisation of your workspace.



This Productivity Manual Workbook includes a system of exercises designed to help you put the learnings from The Work From Home Guide into action.


What you’ll learn:

Working from home is one of those things many Expat Partners dream about doing. There’s a lot to love about getting paid for a day’s work, all while never having to leave the comfort of your own host country home.

In this Work from Home Guide you’ll visit some of the benefits of working from home and find out there’s a lot of good reasons why taking the plunge in working from home is a good thing.

Of course nothing is perfect so you also spend a little time understanding some of the pitfalls in working from home. There are a few pitfalls that you’ll need to be aware of – especially if you want to have the full picture of what this kind of lifestyle entails.

Here you’ll learn how to create the proper atmosphere when working from home. The ambiance truly does matter, especially if you want to be productive and organised while working from home.

The prettiest workspace in the world won’t cut it if you can’t get things done there.

How do you figure out the best way to maximise productivity and getting organised from home?

The list of tips in The Work from Home Guide will discuss several pointers on how to get the most out of your work from home experience, in this section you’ll want to try everything at least once.

The accompanying Productivity Manual Workbook includes a system of exercises designed to help you put the learning from The Work from Home Guide – Staying Productive & Motivated When Working from Home into action.

and, a Personal Power Assessment Quiz,

as a Bonus Gift for signing up and taking action!

Your Personal Power

Lighting Your Fire of Motivation 


Having a sense of Personal Power is important to achieving success in almost any endeavour.

So how much personal power do you feel you have?

Take the Personal Power Self Assessment quiz and discover which areas of your life could do with a little boost!

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The Work from Home – STARTER PACK

Work from Home Guide + Work from Home Productivity Manual+ Sign-Up Bonus:Self-Assessment Quiz: Your Personal Power "Lighting Your Fire of Motivation" 

Well worth it! This short starter pack programme supports my current focus to work from home and then accelerate my home business plan from there. One of the most valuable lessons I learnt is to make sure I have a plan for each day and take action.

Ruth M  – UK Expat – Caregiver