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How to Start a Work-From-Home Business
Online Course

Gain Lifestyle and Financial Freedom by Building an Online, Location-Independent Business

Welcome to the world of online business, where freedom and financial success goes hand-in-hand.

Building a thriving Work-from-Home Business from scratch is no easy feat, but with the right guidance and tools, anyone can achieve their dream of becoming their own boss.

If you’re an Expat Partner seeking the ultimate freedom of a work from home business, look no further than our How to Start a Work-From-Home Business online course. 

This easy-to-follow and technophobe-friendly short course will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step to success – starting from scratch.

The course covers the fundamental building blocks necessary to establish a strong foundation for your online business. 

You’ll then progress through a series of actionable steps enabling you to make informed choices and confidently advance in your Work-from-Home Business.

Starting a successful home business requires commitment, consistency, and a clear plan. 

This premium course offers you the opportunity to quickly launch your own online business in as little time as a weekend. 


We’ll Teach You How To:

  • Pick a business model that fits your skills and lifestyle
  • Create a timeline for getting your work-from-home business off the ground and earning
  • Identify your longer-term career path options
  • Draft a customer profile and value statement
  • Set your initial pricing and payment system
  • Identify the tech you’ll need for your chosen business model
  • Organise your home office and schedule for maximum productivity
  • Select the first, easiest marketing tactics to implement
  • Explore ways to go completely location-independent and work from anywhere in the world.


Here’s What You’ll Learn In The

How To Start a Work-from-Home Business Course


This course consists of 8 Modules and an Introduction, each designed to give you a complete understanding of how to start and run your own successful work-from-home business. 

Introduction: You’ll start out with an overview of the course and what you will learn.

Module 1: Set Your Goals for Your Work-From-Home Business

In this module, we’ll help you identify your goals for your work-from-home business to determine if working from home is right for you.

Module 2: Decide on Your Business Model 

In this module, we’ll show you how to decide on a business model and how you will earn money, both in the short and long term.

Module 3: Set Up Your Financials 

In this module, you’ll be guided on how to choose an online payment processor and build your budget.

Module 4: Set Up Your Tech 

In this module, you’ll learn about the basic tech you’ll need and how to identify specific tech for your business niche.

Module 5: Get Organised for Maximum Productivity 

In this module, you’ll learn how to establish your work-from-home daily routine for maximum productivity.

Module 6: Craft Your QuickStart Marketing Plan 

In this module, you’ll explore digital marketing strategies to find the most effective ones for your niche and start growing your business’s online presence.

Module 7: Making the Leap from Work-From-Home to Location-Independent 

In this module, you’ll be guided on how to become location-independent, so you can take your work abroad with you and run your business from anywhere in the world.

Module 8: Conclusion and Next Steps 

Finally, in this module, we’ll share tips for moving forward and building a long-term, scalable business.




Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get In The

How To Start a Work-From-Home Business Course




Course Book (48 pages) – A comprehensive self-study eBook containing all the content and activity instructions you need.

Action Guide (30 pages) – A complete set of worksheets to help you take action on what you’ll learn in the Course Book.

Budgeting Spreadsheet – Work-from-Home Business – for budgeting essentials.

Home Business Startup Timeline Document – for outlining a timeline and path for your Big Picture Goal and Business Model.

Summary Cheat Sheet Pdf (27 pages) – Includes main takeaways, key points, and action steps from the course. Use it as a quick reference to save time instead of having to refer to the Course Book every time.


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There’s a BONUS simply for signing up and taking action today!

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Your Investment

Maximise your potential for financial freedom and work from home success by investing in this concise and user-friendly course designed to empower your business while living abroad. 

Don’t let your dreams remain just dreams – take action now and let us guide you toward a brighter future. 

This course provides immense value and supports you every step of the way. 

Let us help you turn your dreams into reality!


Melanie’s coaching skills were a game-changer for me as a newcomer to the home business world. However, it was her work-from-home business course that truly captured my attention and made all the difference. The course is designed to guide you through the process of setting up your own business at home. One of the best things about this course is that I can refer back to it whenever I need to. Thank you!

Emily K – UK Expat – Mobile Beautician

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How to Start a Work-from-Home Business

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