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Welcome! I’m delighted you’ve found your way here.

As an Expat Partner, I understand the challenges of navigating a career transition abroad. Starting anew in a foreign country without a network or language fluency can be daunting, making a return to your previous formal employment a real challenge.

But fear not! Transitioning away from your previous career isn’t a dead end; it’s a chance for a plot twist, an opportunity to explore something new. In fact, it might even be a gift – the chance to create a fulfilling online home-based business abroad, if you let it?

My mission is simple, to help Expat Partners like you build and expand portable online businesses while embracing the Expat Lifestyle. I offer self-study online courses designed specifically for aspiring Lifestyle Expat-preneurs.



I’ve had the privilege of calling England, Nassau, France, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Belgium, and Austria my “host country homes.” Living the Expat Lifestyle is second nature to me.

In the past, I guided clients through life coaching. Today, I’m excited to share my expertise with Expat Partners through concise online marketing and business courses.

Now, let’s dive into the story behind my journey into Lifestyle Expat-preneurship.

Born out of a life constantly on the move, my journey began as an Accompanying Expat Partner facing the challenge of securing permanent employment.

Immersed in Expat Communities, I soon realised many faced similar obstacles. Living a nomadic lifestyle prompted me to seek answers in unexplored territories.

The power of the internet has transformed the way we work, providing freedom from fixed locations.

In 2014, while in South Africa, Expat Partners sought my coaching services, but I couldn’t reach everyone online.

Inspired to serve a broader audience, I launched Expat Life Unleashed in 2016, offering affordable online courses.

Today, my focus is on providing you with concise, affordable and comprehensive, online self-study business and marketing courses, sharing the systems and processes I’ve acquired throughout my Lifestyle Expat-preneurial journey.

My goal is to empower you to build your work-from-home career while living abroad.

So, welcome, and here’s to your incredible success on this remarkable journey!



My Course Philosophy

At Expat Life Unleashed, I believe every online course should yield specific and tangible outcomes.

It’s not just about providing tools; it’s about empowering you with strategies to propel your Work-from-Home Online Business forward.

My approach is rooted in instructional design principles, ensuring these online courses offer:

  • Value-packed content: Exceptional value that exceeds your investment, providing top-notch knowledge and practical insights for your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Actionable insights: Each course offers actionable skills for immediate implementation. Gain clear goals and tangible results, ready to make a meaningful impact.
  • Modular structure: Organised into distinct modules, allowing personalised learning experiences. Each module builds upon the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey tailored to your unique needs.

By adhering to these principles, my goal is to provide online courses that go beyond information dissemination, equipping you with practical expertise and strategies to help you thrive as a Lifestyle Expat-preneur.

Expat life unleashed isn’t run by me alone!

Theres a great team behind the scenes, ensuring you and I get the support we need!

Meet Larin

Based in Austria but hailing from South Africa, Larin wears multiple hats firstly he’s my husband and secondly has been writing content for ELU since day 1 but mostly keeps me in check!

Larin’s favourite course: How to Create List Building Magnets

Meet Ronald

Based in South Africa, Ron makes sure everything on this website is working smoothly on the tech side of things. From website maintenance to security to developing new features to design and making sure our website stays up to date!

Ron’s favourite course: How to Start a Work From Home Business

Meet Melanie – certified by the Results Coaching System, a strategic partner to the Neuroleadership Institute, and the proud owner of

Melanie’s mission is clear: to empower Accompanying Expat Partners to become the successful Lifestyle Expat-preneurs they aspire to be. She shares actionable strategies for enhanced success, motivation, creativity, and productivity, specialising in helping Expat Partners establish the foundations of an Online Work-from-Home Business while living abroad.

In her concise online courses, Melanie equips Expat Partners with the essential tools needed for digital entrepreneurial success. Beyond her official accreditation, she continually enhances her skill set, boasting additional qualifications in Expat & Cross-Culture Training from the Global Centre, an MSC in Psychology & Counselling from Roehampton University in London, and Entrepreneurship & Business Life Coach Training from the Transformation Academy in the USA.

Melanie is dedicated to providing Expat Partners with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the world of online business, offering a wealth of expertise to support their entrepreneurial journey.


*(The Results Coaching System is a strategic partner to the Neuroleadership Institute, a globally recognised leader in the field of Neuroscience and Neuropsychology research)

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