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How to Build an Email List from Scratch 
Online Course

Start Building Your Most Valuable Business Asset Today

Simply put, I believe your Email List is your most valuable asset.

Why? It provides a direct line of communication with individuals who have expressed an interest in your business. 

By building a quality Email List, you can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and boost sales. 

What is more, you own the asset, your Email List!

An Email List is a powerful tool and whether you’re launching a new business or looking to grow your current one, a high quality relevant Email List will help you achieve your goals.


But How Do You Start Building An Email List?

That’s where our self-study online course comes in …

You’ll be taught exactly what you need to do to build a targeted Email List from scratch.

You’ll put automated systems in place to attract potential clients on a consistent basis.

You’ll discover the best ways to find ideal subscribers, as well as how to entice them to provide their email details.

And by the time you complete this course, you’ll have a detailed plan to use your growing Email List to get your business on track and achieve the results you want.


Here’s What You’ll Learn In The

How To Build An Email List From Scratch Course


This self-study online course on How to Build an Email List from Scratch is designed to give you a complete understanding of the process in 8 modules, an Introduction, and a Conclusion with the next steps.

Introduction: In the introduction, you’ll receive an overview of the course and what you will learn.

Module 1: Starting with the Essentials for a Valuable Email List. This module discusses the importance of email marketing and outlines the key actions needed to build your Email List. You’ll also learn how to set realistic goals for your list-building activities to make steady progress toward having a targeted list that grows your business.

Module 2: Defining Your Target Audience. This module shows you how to describe the ideal customer you want on your Email List, so that you can create the most relevant and valuable content to engage subscribers. You’ll learn that a smaller, focused list serves your business better.

Module 3: Plotting Your Customers Journey. This module guides you on how to plot the journey you want your clients and customers to take once they have subscribed to your list, so you have clear objectives on how to nurture a relationship with subscribers and generate more business down the line.

Module 4: Creating an Enticing Lead Magnet. In this module, you’ll learn how to motivate your ideal customer to sign up for your list by offering a valuable gift that solves one specific challenge and showcases your talent at the same time.

Module 5: Setting Up Your Automated List Building System. This module shows you how to set up the critical systems needed for building your list, including an email marketing platform, autoresponder, and opt-in forms and pages. You’ll learn how to make your list-building run on autopilot while you focus on other areas of your business.

Module 6: Writing and Scheduling Your First Relationship-building Email Sequence. In this module, you’ll be guided through writing your first follow-up email sequence to nurture your subscriber relationships, so that you build a community of people who will be interested in receiving your offers of help.

Module 7: Starting to Grow Your List of Subscribers. This module outlines a variety of methods for attracting people to your email opt-in so that you keep building your list consistently every month.

Module 8: Measuring Your List Building Progress. In this module, you’ll learn how to monitor the rising numbers on your list, so you can measure how effective your strategies are and where you need to adjust to attract more subscribers.

Conclusion and Next Steps: Reflect on your progress, then accelerate your business and provide more value to your customers. 

  • Plan to drive more traffic to your opt-in page, expand your email list, and increase revenue. 
  • Identify follow-up content to keep potential customers engaged and build their trust over time.
  • Grow your business by growing your audience and earning their trust.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get In The

How to Build an Email List from Scratch Course


Your Course Materials 


Course Book (79 pages) – A comprehensive self-study eBook containing all the content and activity instructions you need.

Action Guide (30 pages) – A complete set of worksheets to help you take action on what you’ll learn in the Course Book.

Summary Cheat Sheet Pdf (30 pages) – Includes main takeaways, key points, and action steps from the course. Use it as a quick reference to save time instead of having to refer to the Course Book every time.


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… AND one more thing!

There’s a BONUS simply for signing up and taking action today!

Prepare to uncover the power of lead magnets as we dive deep into this mini-report. Get ready to explore the different types of lead magnets and discover the secrets to creating compelling ones that captivate your audience. You’ll also learn the best practices for delivering them in a way that will have your audience craving more.

Your Investment

Invest in your online business success with our concise and user-friendly How to Build an Email List From Scratch Online Course.

It’s designed to guide you in building your most valuable business asset – an email list from scratch. 

Let us help you achieve your goals!


I have just completed ELU’s business and marketing courses and they are the real deal. Short, sharp, and on point – exactly how I like them. Plus they’re so user friendly, I never once felt lost. So if you’re looking to start an online business in your new life abroad, I’d highly recommend checking these courses out. The kind of support and tools you need to hit the ground running! Great job.

Laren VDW – South African Expat – Freelance Journalist



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How to Build an Email List from Scratch

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